These Are They: Disposing of Betrayers

Recently released sophomore effort from Chicago death metal band These Are They delves deep into the pits of the underworld to bring forth a homage to the death metal pioneers, Devastation, by covering the bands classic ‘Cranial Hemorrhage”. This is not the basis of the bands music though, for this CD stands on it’s own even without that single cover.

Different than most death metal bands, the gravelly voice of vocalist Paul Kuhr does not muddle the words of each song, you can actually hear the lyrics, rather than just evil growling. One of those things that turns many off from this style of music is averted with a talented singer. Great music to play at your Halloween party and to scare away silly girls and children!

The nine songs on this CD will have even the fair weather friend of death metal music hooked. Opening track, ‘The Massacre’, is by far the best song on the whole CD, though the instrumentation throughout is enough to make this CD worth a listen. If you listen past the vocal technique you will hear beautiful music that will shock you, as it often sounds as if to have a classical rhythm to it.