USB Hamster Wheel Product Review

Product Name: USB Hamster Wheel

Product Description: This USB hamster wheel features a cute hamster that’s happy to keep pace with your typing. Finally, there’s someone in the office who actually works!

Price: $53.95

Other Information: This hamster running around on his little USB hamster wheel will become your closest ally when you need to deliver in an important project. While you type, he’ll run around in his cage.

His movements match your mood to a tee and he’ll encourage you to work harder and faster. You and your hamster, together you’ll manage to meet your goals.

And, if you’re a loafer, you’ve probably felt like all you do is run around without ever really getting anywhere, as if you were trapped in the wheel of your daily routine. Now you know how this little hamster feels in its cage.

Plug this USB hamster into your computer and watch him run around in circles while you type your life away.

Comments: How adorable and irritating can one thing be at once? I think the price is a bit steep, but I suppose to not just create a USB hamster but have him run in sync with your typing, some serious technology must be involved. If you have the money though, this is an amusing little gifty item for most likely a child or someone who works in an office. It would be interesting to see how long you could keep him plugged in at work before your coworkers or boss want to set the little guy free…

The information I gathered on this fuzzy critter came from Curiosite, so be sure to check them out, they have a lot of interesting stuff. We are not affiliated with them, but I am a fan.