VTG, Love is Letting Go EP

Immediately upon listening to this six song ep, you are exposed the soul of it; there is this deep passion in the music that you can feel.

By only the second track of the album, “You”, the generic rock melodies of the first track start to blend with a sort of 90’s pseudo-electronic flow.  “She Kills Me”, the third song in, starts to move you to this mellow rhythmic melody with a whisper of soothing vocals.  Following suit, the fourth track continues the themes of the previous track while adding an excited intensity with the chorus.

“Infection” sees fit to get a little stronger into the pseudo-electronic groove with a hum of static tracing every chord.  The sound of synth haunts the background as the song progresses through its dark feel.

As you find yourself on the last track of an ep that is surprisingly long for a just a mere six tracks, the cleanliness of the quiet and solemn melody lulls you into relaxation just as the chorus builds to a heightened intensity.  While they do tend to enjoy this recipe with only a few changed ingredients, this album is a well planned out sampling of VTG’s talents and a monument to all of the frontman’s skills as a musician and DJ.  It is easy to just put this one on repeat and let it go for a while.