West Michigan Business Spotlight: Interview With Aziza of Aziza World Fragrances

I have reviewed a few products from Aziza World Fragrances in the past. In fact, perfumer Aziza sent me some full size samples of her Valentine’s specials and I am in LOVE. Strawberry Delight and Chocolate Dream are my favorite scents, and for someone with allergy issues when it comes to perfumes I have to mention that these two scents do not bother me at all. They smell so natural (and good enough to eat).

Chocolate Dream
Chocolate Dream

In honor of Valentine’s Day, only a month away, I took some time out to interview Aziza about her talents and her wonderful products.

Q- You have been a recognized name in west Michigan for years with your work with movies, local music and your own bands. But now you are making a name for yourself in a different way. Can you tell us how you got started with this new venture in perfuming?

A- Yes for sure. Well, I was always a perfume junkie since I was a teen. I was really into Coco Chanel #5 and Christian Dior’s Poison collection. When I was a teenager I threw together fragrance oils to make mocks of them because I simply could not afford the high end prices, and I sneezed all the time from the alcohol. I always was sniffing anything that smelled good and sometimes accidentally, things that did not. I love flowers, especially Orchids and Jasmine. My mom was attending her floral garden often when I was growing up and she had flowers galore in our front yard. But it wasn’t until I was wheel bound in a chair from a foot surgery that I started really making my own true scents and turning it into a serious business. That was winter of 2011 when that occurred.

Q- How do you make your decisions on what scents to combine and what to name them?

A- First, I have to decide what fragrance accord group I want to make a fragrance in. For instance, a floral accord is separated groups of fragrances (similar to separating music and band titles from alternative rock to classical rock or metal) like Chypre Floral, Oriental Woods, or Oriental Spice. My perfume “Dark Phoenix” is an Oriental Spice accord, while “Sinfully Cherry” is a Fruity Floral accord. The first thing I do is decide what scent I should make from an accord I don’t yet have in my product line. Then I design the scent around certain perfume notes that I want it to smell mostly like. It’s actually a long process. The oils have to settle together for a few days to get the proper scent. Then after the oils are settled, I add in my carrier oils and Bulgarian Rose water to complete the perfume. That takes a whole month (unless I’m making a roll on perfume oil). As for naming them, that is extremely fun. I pick a few different names that empower the scent, and then wait about a week to give it a final name that I am happy with. I give most of them mythological names and a lot of the names come from or are inspired by Greek and Egyptian mythology. I am part Egyptian, so I appreciate the history and mythology behind it.

Q- I know that you have perfumes, candles, and even the Shea body butter. Do you have plans for any new additions?

Shea Body Butter
Shea Body Butter

A- I will have new additions coming out every season or every Holiday. I call them limited edition scents as I won’t know if I will carry them after the holiday or season has passed. Right now, I have my Valentine’s Day select and limited edition candle tins, perfumes in “his and her” called My Eternal (designed and made for a classical romantic music group and now for sale through my shop), and I have plans to launch a new male scent prior to Father’s Day. In the spring, I will launch a new product that I have never released to the public but have been perfecting for over two years now! It is a “Hydrosol Rose Water Facial Toner”. It helps clear your skin and keep it refreshed. I also might design another female scent.

Q- Where can people find your wonderful items for sale?

A- My updated list is always on etsy.com/shop/azizaworldinc, and my main website and online store at azizaworld.com has only my main products. I run specials, seasonal items for sale and clearance items on facebook too, so if you’re my friend on facebook.com/azizaworld you’ll see and get additional items not available for sale on either my store sites.

Stores that carry my products are Mystic Realms in Grand Rapids. I am actually in the process of getting my products in more stores.

Q- I know you do special requests, what is the weirdest scent you’ve ever put together?

A- I haven’t put any weird scents together for anyone else because if I find a perfume note or scent that won’t match another scent they chose I tell the client that their scent choices will clash, and they take my suggestions and I roll with it. But my own personal story with clashing scents, and odd ones, was when I started experimenting with leather 3 years ago. Leather is very over powering and the right amount of leather needs to be used not to over power any other oils, so that took some getting used to.

Q- What has been the highlight of being a perfumer, so far?

Strawberry Delight
Strawberry Delight

A- It’s very therapeutic. I love creating! So this is right up my alley. I feel a lot of warmth and rewards with clients who love my custom scents I designed for them, or who tell me I have a good nose. I appreciate that. And knowing my perfumes are Eco-friendly helps those with allergies to be able to buy my products. I am happy I followed the path of using no alcohol in my perfumes and educating the masses that there are options for those with allergies.

All photos by Erik Sales