What Are You Afraid Of? 4 Scary DVDs


Dark Dealer

This is a movie about a game of Blackjack, from hell. I knew there was a reason I don’t gamble. The stakes are high, and these players just might wish for death when it’s all over. 3 different tales tell the horrific fates of a vicious killer, a corrupt lawyer and an ex-con. True to the genre of classic horror anthologies, Dark Dealer is full of gore and questionable acting.


The Caretaker

Interesting movie that turns vampirism into more of a zombie outbreak. Vampires we are all, except a few hiding out in a house in the country. But they aren’t alone. They find a vampire among them and they somehow manage to cut a deal. The humans will stand guard in the day, while the vampire protects them at night. Will he be able to avoid turning the ones trying to help him? Watch and find out!

iron doors

Iron Doors

This movie is from deep within my worst nightmares. Trapped, alone, locked in a vault. Starving, dying, no idea how or why you are there. It’s like SAW, without the companions to kill or easy way out (well, maybe easy for some). What would you do? Give in and die or fight to survive? This film, Iron Doors, is an award winner, and I am sure if you like edge of the seat thrillers you will love it!


Bad Meat

Lost teens, sadistic guards, deadly viruses, cannibalism, murder and mayhem! As if being lost with some evil spirited freaks wasn’t bad enough, then they become flesh-hungry killers. Fear, survival…. what do you do? Kill or be killed. Painful, slowly death, as you are devoured by what was once another human being. This is the thing of nightmares. Bad Meat isn’t too bad of a movie, if you don’t mind the gore!