What Happened to the Good Music? Hookdiggy has the answer.

Hookdiggy, Good Music

In a music industry that has found artists doing anything and everything they can to get attention, Hookdiggy, the “Lyrical Nerd Boy,” decided it was time to focus on making “Good Music” again. Hookdiggy is a native of Flint, MI. He is currently living in Atlanta, GA, promoting himself and playing his music. And he is currently getting this awesome new single, “Good Music,” out on the airwaves and into our ears.

I listen to everything. I often find that I like a lot of the top 40 music. So, a little hip hop once in a while gives me something to nod my head to. That is definitely what “Good Music” made me do. This song has such a catchy beat that you just can’t help but move to it. DJs will be eating this song up in no time. It has a pop edge to it and a great hook. It is more than just good though, it’s pretty awesome.

If you want to groove to the music and get your beat on, and you really want to feel the lyrics, this is the song for you. If you want to help a hip hop artist that is in it for the music, I suggest you check out www.hookdiggy.com. These lyrics mean something. “Remember back when the artists were right, tried to captivate your thoughts to mic, Now I gotta give a little gimmick and dance if I wanna sell a record or get close to a chance.” 

It’s all about the music, isn’t it?