Where are Your Freedoms Going?

The Constitution provides for a government in order to provide protection of the citizens and the establishment of moral laws (we all know murder is wrong) but something disturbing is starting to happen. The government (state and federal) now believes that it is its duty to tell you where to smoke, how much soda to drink and what you have to buy.

At one point in our history, government tried to tell us that we couldn’t drink beer or other liquor. It was called prohibition. The reason it didn’t work is because the citizens stood up to a government that over stepped its power. After several years it was finally repealed.

Let’s jump ahead. States are now telling you where you can smoke. Now we all know it’s not good for you and, yes, it’s nice, not being a smoker, to walk into a smoke free bar BUT, isn’t it YOUR choice to smoke and isn’t it YOUR choice to walk into a smoke-filled environment?

In New York they are passing or trying to pass laws that say you can’t buy a 36 ounce soda. Really? Is it a slow law passing day? What is wrong with this picture? By the way, I plan on submitting a proposal to the state of Michigan to limit our coffee consumption to one cup a day.

Healthcare. Yes, I understand that the Supreme Court up-held Obamacare in full. You do realize that in this Affordable Care Act that if you do not have coverage that you will be taxed/fined at the end of the year? I agree that healthcare should be affordable but can you tell me how someone who is unemployed or has a several part-time jobs making less than $2,000 a month is going to afford healthcare? Will I be paying taxes to cover the uncovered? How about you? I have an idea, create jobs so people can afford to pay their bills because I can tell you right now, if I have to choose between having a place to live and food to eat over healthcare… guess what I choose? And I will be penalized for that decision.

Did you hear that if you have less than four hub caps on your car you will be fined? No that’s not true but if we keep giving the government, local and federal, power over every aspect of our lives then soon you will no longer be in control of your own life and it is NOT the job of elected officials to run YOUR life. It is merely to provide safety for the citizens.

Take back your freedoms before you are unable to act. Don’t vote blind. Read up on the candidates. If you believe that your rights are being grabbed away from you then work to over turn those laws because the more we give, the more they take and soon no one will be able to write an opinion piece, such as this.