Wizard World Booth to Check out: Jay’s CD & Hobby

Wizard World is in full swing and the masses have come out for the event. Many vendors and artists have tables set up to sell their wares, and a few stand out above the rest. One such booth is Jay’s CD & Hobby. Coming all the way from Des Moines, IA for the event, Jay’s CD & Hobby is giving us a sampling of their comic compilation books, including absolute editions. One enticing book in particular is Batman Hush, Unwrapped. In this book the story is told with the original drawings, minus all that pesky color getting in the way of Jim Lee’s amazing talents. It is a unique way to view a great story like Hush. There were other variations of the same book, the selection was quite vast.

But why would this stand out? Dozens of vendors at this show carry the same or similar merchandise at varying rates. Jay’s CD & Hobby prices most books at 15% below publisher price, some have even more off. They are open to haggling, but be realistic, if you are rude and demanding an absurd discount you aren’t going to get anywhere with anyone. These guys were so friendly and helpful and just flat out nice, why would you want to be nasty?

Another perk to this booth is the fact that all of their merchandise is in alphabetical order, which is awesome when you know just what you want. They are very well informed on their merchandise too, so don’t hesitate to ask questions or ask for a suggestion. The organization they maintain makes it such a pleasure to shop with them, so why not check them out this weekend? They are even easy to find on the floor, being located just to the back of the lounge area, beyond the main entrance to the convention.