Zaz, Self-Titled – CD Review

I don’t speak French.  I have no idea what Zaz (Isabelle Geffroy) is singing about but it sounds fun…

Described as a pop/gypsy jazz singer, she has a perkiness and light heartedness that is evident in the music no matter the language you know.  Zaz has conquered charts and fans all throughout Europe and now her self-titled album is being released to American audiences.

Her vocals have a rasp and feel similar to P!nk if she were to sing French jazz.  As you listen to the music you can form an image in your mind of a kind of USO show where everyone is swinging; the music just makes you want to move.  I enjoy the brass section that is interjected in portions of the songs for that extra jazzy feel.

A few of the songs you find yourself wanting to sing along to, even without understand exactly what is being said.  Single “Je Veux” is no exception.  “Dans Ma Rue” is a slower, more paced song where the presence of piano is strongly felt.  The album closer “Eblouie par la nuit”, “Dazzled by the night” in English, is a very heartfelt and emotional, it just comes across in the way the lyrics are sung and the way the music flows.  You can feel the songs’ energies and moods as they unfold. Many of the songs have translations online if you really get curious.  So many of us love songs that we don’t really listen to or understand the underlying meaning of, so I see no reason to not enjoy music in other languages; it is all about how it makes you feel, and you cannot help but feel energized listening to Zaz.